Many days ago people lived in a joint family. When a baby was born in their family, the experienced family person (e.g. grandma), who had an experience of bringing up a child, took care of the newborn baby, and this process was going on.


But nowadays the maximum people are living in a nuclear family. There is no experienced person in the family who can understand the baby’s psychology and needs.


But nothing to worry more. The KIDUP is here to give you all the answers to your queries regarding your baby. Its main objective is to help the new parents by providing pieces of information on various moods, activities, and every single and little gesture, the psychology of children, symptoms of their illness,  their requirements, etc. Our experienced professionals and  Doctors will help you to understand their activities, their moods, various symptoms of their illness, their types of expressing something. Our doctors will also tell you how to develop the minds of the child, how to boost their growth, what type of nutrition will be good for them,  and each and everything you need to know for Taking care of your baby. 

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